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Reason # 12: The Daily Grind

Next time you see your favorite craft chocolate maker, give him or her a hug. They need it. For them, every single day is a real grind. They have to keep their noses to the grindstone in order to bring you great chocolate. Why? Grinding is an essential process in making...

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On the radio!

Black Mountain Chocolate on the radio!   On November 6, Brent had the chance to chat on the radio with Bob Bowles, host of the NC Wine & Food Radio Show on WZGM 1350 AM Independent Asheville Radio.  For 20 minutes, Brent and Bob discussed the art of crafting fine chocolate,...

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Reason #4: Romancing the Bean

You probably don’t need another reason to love your local craft chocolate maker, but here’s one just in case: his continual quest for great-tasting cocoa beans.  The flavor of chocolate depends largely on the cocoa beans used to make it, so finding beans that express the craft maker’s artistic vision...

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