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I'd like to order the following:

($100 minimum order to ship)

___ cases Big Winston Superfoods Crunch bars (6 bars)
___ cases Big Winston Salted Caramel Pecan bars (6 bars)
___ cases Big Winston Ginger-Chili bars (6 bars)
___ each  Big Winston bar display crates (1 free with 1st order of any variety)

___ cases Signature Dark 70% chocolate bars (10 bars)
___ cases Sea Salt chocolate bars (10 bars)
___ cases Cocoa Nibs chocolate bars (10 bars)
___ cases Espresso chocolate bars (10 bars)
___ cases Mountain Milk chocolate bars (10 bars)

___ bags Bar Sample Cubes (specify flavors; $8 per flavor) 

___ cases Signature Dark Drinking Chocolate (6 canisters)
___ cases Cayenne-Cinnamon Drinking Chocolate (6 canisters)
___ bags Drinking Chocolate Sample mix (specify flavors)

___ cases Roasted Cocoa Nibs (6 8-oz bags)

___ "BMC Sold Here" Window Clings
___ "BMC Features" shelf-talker cards
___ "BMC Poster" (5x7" or 11x17"?)