Chad's Chai Original Black Chai Tea

Ingredients: organic full leaf Indian black tea, organic cinnamon, black pepper, clove, organic chili pepper, star anise, organic ginger, organic cardamom

Chad's Original Black Chai is a bold and magical blend of tea and spice. Crafted in true India-style, this masala chai is the best you will find anywhere, at least on this side of the world! We use 100% organic tea and spices, no additives, no chemicals, no flavorings - natural or otherwise. This chai simply celebrates the best that the earth has to give. And we've painstakingly crafted this blend so that no single ingredient takes center-stage. Instead, everything from the star anise to the cinnamon to the cloves, right down to the black and chili pepper, cardamom, and ginger is all perfectly balanced around a delicious blend of Indian black teas. The tea, cinnamon, and ginger provide a lot of antioxidants and flavor.

3.6 ounces - about 23 cups.