Black Mountain Chocolate

Chocolate Truffles

Looking to indulge someone special? Look no further than our decadent Chocolate Truffles. Handcrafted from a secret family recipe, our Chocolate Truffles contain only simple, natural ingredients like cream, butter and real vanilla. The result: Intense chocolate flavor and a soft, creamy texture.

Our Chocolate Truffles are molded in discs, then dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder. Each disc measures more than an inch and a half in diameter, and tops the luxury scale.

Chocolate Truffles are meant to resemble their eponymous mushroom - the ones that pigs find among the roots of the forest. Both types of truffles are rich and lavish - perfect for special occasions. But make no mistake - Chocolate Truffles taste like chocolate, not fungi.

For freshness, we ship these gems frozen. When you get them, please keep them refrigerated for freshness, up to one month (as if they would last that long). But please, please: bring them to room temperature before serving for full flavor!

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